Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos Download (2002 Strategy Game) (2023)

WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos is a game for everyone. For the serious strategist, it offers a fine blend of complexity and efficiency. For the novice, it offers friendly tutorials and a personalized learning curve. For the high-end PC player, it offers a long and challenging campaign that makes decent use of its 3D environments with graphics and audio. For the casual gamer, it offers an easy-to-play, easy-to-enjoy diversion that friends and acquaintances are likely to be playing, too. However, WarCraft III offers the most for fans of Blizzard's earlier real-time strategy games. Anyone who truly loved the original title, WarCraft II, or StarCraft is almost certain to feel the same way about WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos.

The fondly remembered WarCraft: Orcs & Humans was Blizzard's first self-published game and its first serious PC release. It was also the company's first real-time strategy game. While the original WarCraft was rich and engaging, it was not revolutionary. In 1994, it was Westwood that led the way in real-time strategy gaming on the home computer. Blizzard's first effort only brought refinements to the fledgling genre. For the most part, WarCraft did a lot of things that most other RTS games did, but it did them in its own confident, charismatic style. That's the one, subtle element Blizzard seemed to perfect in the original WarCraft: charm.

This hard-to-define element of personality carried through to WarCraft II, and then into the innovative StarCraft, which pit three equally powerful but very different factions against one another. The charm is back in WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos. Like its mid-1990s predecessors, WarCraft III offers relatively straightforward gameplay that strays little from convention. Yet also like those earlier titles, it does so with finesse that's hard to resist.

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With both the presentation and the play itself polished to near perfection, any gamer who has battled through any real-time strategy game in the previous few years should soon feel right at home in the world of Lordaeron and Kalimdor. Similar to the first two WarCraft games and unlike StarCraft in this regard, Reign of Chaos does more to refine than to revolutionize the RTS genre. The addition of heroes and sub-quests is well done and adds to the single-player fun, but not in any truly innovative way. As the basics of resource management and unit development remain central, familiar concerns of reconnaissance, defense, and calculated conquest move the player forward through most missions. As in earlier Blizzard games, however, missions are strung together on a rich, engrossing storyline to make the player feel like an integral part of an epic legend with sweeping, universal consequences.

Though they seem to be well balanced in any combination of ally and enemy, the races are quite different and playing as all four of them through the single-player campaigns encourages a wide variety of techniques and warfare styles. Once again, however, WarCraft III recombines aspects of earlier games at least as much as it introduces new concepts. The orcs and humans look and act very much like their ancestors from earlier WarCraft games, though they are a little more distinct from one another here. The undead are reminiscent of StarCraft's zerg, with food storage structures that can double as defensive towers and the need to claim ground (a la "the creep") before building. The night elves seem the freshest of the four, though their movable bases and invisibility powers pay homage to StarCraft's humans.

In spite of these occasionally obvious inspirations though, the restrictions and specialties of each race are well supported by the game world mythology. It never feels as if new character models were just slapped over old units and buildings; the particulars of each race seem completely natural to the game's fantasy world history and multifaceted plot.

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WarCraft III's graphics are not especially innovative or "cutting-edge" either, but they too are well done and reassuringly consistent. Character faces appear in small sidebar boxes as they speak, moving their mouths convincingly but not in sync with the audio (just as in StarCraft). Though imposing, or even gruesome in appearance, the exaggerated characters and colorful game world are drawn with that same hint of cartoon-ish mischief that helped make the earlier titles so endearingly playable. Sounds are very good, with lots of convincing battle noises and enriching ambience. As in earlier Blizzard RTS games, unit acknowledgements are distinct, appropriate, and often humorous, bringing out the personality of each different hero, warrior, or worker. Throughout the entire game, elements of sight and sound fit perfectly to always enhance, and never distract from, the overall feel.

So above the new features and elements of play, perhaps it is the polish that truly makes this game a prize. We've already seen small armies built on only two resource types to conquer a mystical 3D landscape, in the noteworthy Battle Realms. We've already seen the use of powerful hero characters, in games like Empire Earth. The one thing we don't find in these other 3D real-time strategies is the rich, history-laden, fantasy game world and the sense of real participation in it. Each of the main characters in WarCraft III is memorable. They have complex personalities that range from compassionate and regretful to reckless and cruel. Each race's storyline is different, and though they are often at crossed purposes, each is completely righteous in its own context.

Best of all, the game makes it easy to take on each of these roles in turn. One begins to really care about the sanctity of the forest after playing a few night elf missions, but when steering the undead, there's nothing more fun than destroying the living and corrupting the weak. As much as in the original WarCraft and all the Blizzard games that followed, the player is placed in the story with a perfect perspective on each different race's dreads and hopes. While marketing departments may stress the "role-playing" aspect of this third game in the series, Blizzard has been allowing us to "take the roles" of the races we play since the very beginning. Taking the roles of the races in this game is as enjoyable and rewarding as it ever was in any other. Gamers looking for a well built, fun strategy title will find their time well spent on this one. Anyone who truly enjoyed the earlier Blizzard games is likely to consider WarCraft III: Reign of Chaos an absolute "must-have."

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Graphics: More than adequate technologically, and rendered in a unified artistic style that is unmistakably "WarCraft." The 3D objects and terrain have realistic effects on movement and line-of-sight.

Sound: Sounds effects are crisp, directional, balanced, and appropriate. Great voice acting! Unit acknowledgements are varied and unique to each type, though they can occasionally become repetitive in the heat of battle.

Enjoyment: WarCraft III lives up to its heritage in every way. Missions are diverse, yet seamlessly integrated into a story-arc that keeps you playing "just one more mission."

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Replay Value: A full-featured map editor guarantees that WarCraft III will continue to engage gamers for months and years to come.

How to run this game on modern Windows PC?

This game has been set up to work on modern Windows (11/10/8/7/Vista/XP 64/32-bit) computers without problems. Please choose Download + Expansion - Easy Setup (1.01 GB).

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Do cheat codes still work in Warcraft 3 Reforged? ›

Whatever your reasons, you can check below for a full list of cheat codes for both Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, and Warcraft 3: Reforged - all cheat codes work with both versions of the game.

How long to beat Reign of Chaos? ›

When focusing on the main objectives, Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos is about 21½ Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 34 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

How do I enable cheats in Warcraft 3? ›

To activate a cheat, press the Enter key during single-player mode or in an offline map. Type in the cheat you want to use then hit Enter again and look for the Cheat code enabled message.

Can you use cheat codes and still get achievements? ›

Does using cheats disable saving? Answer: Saving is allowed when cheat codes are enabled but achievements are temporarily disabled. Entering the same cheat code twice will usually, but not always, disable the cheat. Sometimes during specific areas of gameplay, specific cheats are temporarily not available.

Do I have to buy Reforged if I own WC3? ›

Warcraft III (Classic or Reforged) is installed through the Battle.net Desktop App. You must own either Warcraft III: Reforged or a classic Reign of Chaos CD key. If you own a classic Reign of Chaos CD key, you must redeem your CD key on your Battle.net account before you log in to the Battle.net app.

Can you keep playing after the Lord of Chaos ending? ›

For the Lord of Chaos ending Elden Ring doesn't let players opt out unless they progress a different questline and beat two of the game's hardest bosses.

Is Warcraft 3 Reign of Chaos good? ›

It's just an outstanding game, filled with all the charm, all the detail, and all the lasting appeal that characterizes all of the finest games ever made. Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos needs little introduction, and neither does Blizzard, the company that created it.

Do you need Reign of Chaos to play frozen throne? ›

The Frozen Throne was an expansion and it is now included for free in the base game: Reign of Chaos. To play Warcraft III you must have either a Reign of Chaos key or you must purchase Warcraft III: Reforged. If you have a Reign of Chaos key, you must redeem your CD key in your Battle.net account.

How to cheat gold in Warcraft 3? ›

Note that these codes only work in single-player missions and custom maps.
  1. TenthLevelTaurenChieftain - Plays a special song (WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne ONLY)
  2. WarpTen - Speeds construction of buildings and units.
  3. IocainePowder - Fast Death/Decay.
  4. WhosYourDaddy - God mode.
  5. KeyserSoze [amount] - Gives you X Gold.

What is the maximum food limit in Warcraft 3? ›

Food is provided by the Main Building and specific food supply buildings. Food cap cannot exceed the food limit of 100.

How do you cheat gold in frozen throne? ›

For cheat codes that say [number], [hour], [race], or [level], enter a numerical value after the cheat. For example, to get 1,000 gold, enter keysersoze 1000.

How do I enable cheats after starting world? ›

If you want to turn on cheats in a world that you've already created, that can be done just as quickly.
  1. While playing in that world, press Esc to open the Game Menu.
  2. Select Open to LAN, and then click Allow Cheats: OFF so it turns to Allow Cheats: ON.
  3. Click Start LAN World.
Jan 21, 2022

What is greed is good Warcraft? ›

Greed is Good is a player vs. player achievement earned for gaining both the Berserking and Restoration buffs at the same time in Silvershard Mines.

Are game cheat codes illegal? ›

Modifying game data usually constitutes a violation of a software license agreement that prohibits modifying the program at all.

Can you get banned for modding achievements? ›

As it's still a bannable offense, then, yes, you could still be banned.

Are cheat codes illegal? ›

The average cheater doesn't have to worry about a potential jail sentence. For most of the Americas and Europe, there are no federal laws against cheating in standard online matchmaking. Even serial cheaters only have to worry about a potential lifetime ban from the game they cheated in.

Is Warcraft 3 better than Reforged? ›

Which one is better? You can consider them the almost identical except for the art. The reforged campaign does have a few redesigned levels, but its only like 3, and unless you played the game recently, you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference.

Can you still play the old WC3? ›

Well, you can't, whether you bought it or not. Launching the Battle.net version of Warcraft 3 now sends you to the Reforged launcher. Blizzard is happy to keep the money you paid for Warcraft 3, though.

Can you play Warcraft 3: Reforged offline? ›

Online or Offline? When players first load into Warcraft 3: Reforged, they'll be given the option to play the game online or continue offline. Players who choose offline will lose the opportunity to go head-to-head with players online, but can still play custom games.

What happens if you refuse Melina? ›

Refusing Melina's offer in Elden Ring will block your progression in the game. Accepting her offer is the only way to level up in the game, and she's the one who will give you the key item Spectral Steed Whistle, which you can use to summon Elden Ring's horse Torrent.

Can you save Melina without Frenzied Flame? ›

The answer is a tad complicated 'yes' since you have to get the Frenzied Flame by locating an intricate underground lair, defeating a challenging boss, and figuring out how to open a secret door. If you go one step further, you can even purge the flame to unlock all of the game's alternative endings.

Is Ranni good or bad? ›

Julianna Swickard of CBR also debated whether Ranni was good or evil, arriving at the conclusion that while she was morally grey as a character, her ending was the "best possible outcome" of all the game's endings.

Who is the strongest hero in Warcraft 3? ›

One of the strongest early-game heroes is the Horde's Orc shaman, the Far Seer.

Who is the best Warcraft 3 player of all time? ›

Who is the best Warcraft 3 player of all time? The best Warcraft III player of all time is Jang “Moon” Jae Ho. Moon's night elf gameplay strategies led the Warcraft III community to label him the “5th race” because his character could be distinguished from other character races in the game due to his unique play style.

Who is the best Warcraft 3 player in the world? ›

Top Player Rankings For WarCraft III
Player IDPlayer Name
1.MoonJang, Jae Ho
2.LynPark, Joon
3.InfiWang, Xu Wen
4.TH000Huang, Xiang
77 more rows

What should I play first Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne? ›

Should you play Reign of Chaos before Frozen throne or the other way around? Play Reign of Chaos first. Frozen Throne will be more challenging if you have no idea how to play, even the first couple missions of the campaign can be a challenge to complete.

Do I need champions of chaos to play immortal empires? ›

No; as long as the other games are in your library, you only need to have Total War: WARHAMMER III installed to access Immortal Empires.

Which is first Reign of Chaos or Frozen Throne? ›

In Warcraft 3: Reforged, players will be able to play through all of the Warcraft 3 campaigns, starting with Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos, and leading into the expansion - Warcraft 3: The Frozen Throne.

What is the max level wow? ›

A World of Warcraft player has taken the art of leveling to new heights, having reached the game's recently increased max level of 70 without ever stepping off the tutorial boat that takes players to the Exile's Reach starter zone.

What is the max hero level in Warcraft 3? ›

The maximum level for a Hero is 10. Heroes do not gain experience after level 10. After level 10, it's best to level up another Hero. As a Hero gains levels, they will also accumulate ability points that they can now spend to increase the power of their Hero.

Why can I only get to level 50 in wow? ›

Your character is level 50 and you don't have the Shadowlands expansion. Buy Shadowlands to continue leveling past 50. You disabled experience gains. To reactivate experience gains talk to Behsten in Stormwind or to Slahtz in Orgrimmar.

How to sell WoW gold for real money? ›

You are not allowed to buy or sell WoW items, products, or services for real money. Accounts involved in real money transactions may be penalized under our End User License Agreement. You can buy or sell WoW items and some in-game services for gold. If you want to buy or sell gold, you must use the WoW Token service.

Can you farm gold in WoW? ›

You can farm mobs in the Revendreth Dredhollow area by skinning them. I recommend having a 180 ilvl character so that you can kill mobs quickly and easily. You have a chance to get 10k-18k gold per hour, depending on your killing speed. Please check the skin prices on your server before coming to this farm area.

How to earn easy gold in WoW? ›

One of the easiest and best ways to make gold in WoW without too much effort is to run the old raids and mass vendor off all the low-level loot you obtain from the bosses.

What is the max movement speed in Warcraft 3? ›

Most units have their movement speed capped at 400. Abilities and items cannot increase a unit's movement speed over that limit.

What is the maximum map size in Warcraft 3? ›

Maximum map size should be 512mb but is instead 256mb - Bug Report - Warcraft III: Reforged Forums.

How many peasants does it take to mine Warcraft 3? ›

5 Peasants are the optimal amount. Orc: Put Peons in the mine. - They will carry the gold.

Who's your daddy cheat codes? ›

Warcraft 3 List of Cheat Codes
Cheat CodeEnables
WhosYourDaddyAll units and buildings gain full invulnerability, units will be able to 1-hit kill any opponent or enemy structure (does not effect friendly fire)
ISeeDeadPeopleFull map is revealed, fog of war disabled
AllYourBaseAreBelongToUsInstantly win the current mission
21 more rows

How to do the mother lode cheat? ›

For The Sims 4 money cheats:
  1. Typing “rosebud” or “kaching” would earn you 1,000 simoleons.
  2. Typing “motherlode” will get you 50,000 simoleons.

How to get Famine cheat code? ›

The Famine Mode Cheat Code is located in the first half of the Nekravol level. In the room after another Marauder fight, look to the cages of corpses being taken up by a chain pulley system. Drop down when you see a break in the cages.

Can you change the world spawn without cheats? ›

If players want to set their world spawn at their current location, they can enter /setworldspawn instead, which will use their current coordinates and facing to set the world spawn for all players who enter the game world at a later date.

Do games have cheats anymore? ›

Cheat codes were often used on old-school games to get ahead, but some modern games also support cheats. Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair.

What does Google cheat mode do? ›

The Konami Code strikes again. Go to a Google search bar and using voice, search for “Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right.” And just like that, you'll have unlimited free Google searches. Of course this is tongue-in-cheek.

Is greed stronger than envy? ›

True, Envy has a massive final form that resembles a bizarre dog-lizard, and he can shapeshift like crazy, but that's not going to win the day against Greed. Greed's martial arts skills outstrip Envy's, and his hard-as-diamond claws and skin will tear Envy apart many times over.

How do you win over greed? ›

3 Steps to Beat Greed and Envy
  1. Take opportunities to be generous and practice contentment. 1 Timothy 6:10 says, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil. ...
  2. Be the individual God has called you to be. Everyone is trying to sell us something. ...
  3. Kick comparison to the curb. Quit keeping score with others!

Can greed ever be good? ›

Greed can serve a positive purpose in some contexts. One positive is that it's a form of motivation. Greed inspires people to push for better social and economic outcomes than they have. Altruism is a better force for creating positive change, but it takes time to develop it.

Are cheat codes still a thing? ›

Cheat codes were often used on old-school games to get ahead, but some modern games also support cheats. Cheat codes have largely gone away in the modern gaming landscape. With the advent of online multiplayer, achievements, and trophies, getting an advantage by putting in a code seems unfair.

Can I still get a refund for Warcraft 3: Reforged? ›

You may request a refund here on our Support Site.

When was reforging removed from wow? ›

2 (2014-10-14): The Reforging system and associated NPCs have been removed from the game.

What is the most famous cheat code of all time? ›

In its most famous form, the Konami Code was Up-Up-Down-Down-Left-Right-Left-Right-B-A — a series of buttons that many kids had burned into their memory. Without the code to give you 30 extra lives in Contra, beating the game was all but impossible – and it still wasn't a cakewalk with the code.

Which game has the most cheat codes? ›

Grand Theft Auto V for PC contains 29 unique cheat codes that can be entered to unlock the likes of flaming bullets, invincibility, free weapons and vehicles, and much more. This GTA guide provides a complete list of all available GTA 5 PC Cheats and a quick guide on how to enable cheat codes in-game.

What is the oldest WoW game? ›

Warcraft: Orcs & Humans

Which two games exist because of a mod of Warcraft 3? ›

GameOriginal dependencyMod release
Dota 2Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos2003
Element TDWarcraft III: Reign of Chaos2006 August 20
Element TD 2
Falcon BMSFalcon 4.02003
56 more rows

Can I play Warcraft 3: Reforged offline? ›

Offline mode is available in Starcraft: Remastered, StarCraft II, Diablo 2: Resurrected, and Warcraft III: Reforged.

How much time passed between WC3 and WoW? ›

Classic WoW started 4 years after the Battle of Mount Hyjal depicted in WC3, per the original opening cinematic. According to Blizzard's timelines, only a year or two passes in lore per expansion.

Should I play Warcraft 3: Reforged or original? ›

Which one is better? You can consider them the almost identical except for the art. The reforged campaign does have a few redesigned levels, but its only like 3, and unless you played the game recently, you'd be hard pressed to notice the difference.

Can I play Warcraft 3: Reforged for free? ›

It is free to play if you own ROC/TFT. Just not without the reforged graphics or achievements/skins.

Why is my old WoW character gone? ›

You may be logged in to the wrong Battle.net account. Log out of the Battle.net app and log back in using the correct email address. Check BlizzardCS on Twitter for breaking news and information on our services. If you've returned to World of Warcraft after a long absence, you may need to refresh your character stats.

What was the last Expac WoW? ›

Since launch, World of Warcraft has had nine major expansion packs: The Burning Crusade (2007), Wrath of the Lich King (2008), Cataclysm (2010), Mists of Pandaria (2012), Warlords of Draenor (2014), Legion (2016), Battle for Azeroth (2018), Shadowlands (2020), and Dragonflight (2022).

Why did they remove Reforging? ›

Because you went Mastery, go reforge your Haste to 10862 and then go Crit. So, the simplified the combat (Spell Hit, Hit, Breakpoints/Soft+Hard Caps, Snapshots) and made some stats obsolete (Hit, Expertise, defense rating, Armor, Armor Pen, etc.) and thus, Reforging wasn't really needed.


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